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Real estate development

If you want to improve the exploitation of your real estate, come by for an exploratory meeting.
Winnen & Co geeft vastgoedadvies en begeleidt trajecten ten behoeve van het verbeteren van de waarde van vastgoed. Dit kan door een pand te splitsen, maar kan ook door te kijken naar mogelijkheden om de huurpunten te verbeteren, het energielabel te verbeteren, kosten van de ingrepen te berekenen, investeringsbeslissingen te doorgronden, allerlei soorten tekenwerk te verrichten, of duurzame investeringen te implementeren. Zie in het menu welke diensten wij kunnen verzorgen.

Sustainability guidance

Winnen & Co helps you to make your home more sustainable (making existing real estate more sustainable). We ensure that you receive the correct advice on what needs to be done in the building to make it as energy efficient as possible. We arrange everything that goes with this, including the implementation of the advice by means of sustainable project realization.

We provide insight into the costs of implementing the advice and also what this ultimately yields, the return.

Woning waardering

Des te hoger de huurpunten zijn, des te meer huur u kunt vragen, of u kunt zelfs het pand splitsen. Voor ons is het dan ook van het grootste belang om te streven naar een zo hoog mogelijk puntenaantal. Het energielabel neemt daar een zeer belangrijke rol bij in. Wij verzorgen de energie labeling en geven tevens advies over de te nemen stappen, met bijbehorende bouwkundige kosten, en kunnen de exploitatie voor u berekenen.


Winnen & Co employs permanent draftsmen who take care of the architectural drawing work for various real estate permits such as environmental permits, monument permits and division permits. We provide design drawings, working drawings, permit drawings and legal division drawings. It is also possible to have existing drawings digitized by us.


In addition to providing a stratification permit, we can provide any other real estate permit.

Possible permits we can provide are:

  • environmental permit (such as roof terrace, converting the attic, converting storage, replacing window frames, a garden house)
  • merging permit
  • conversion permit
  • restaurant and hospitality permits
  • Notification of BUS (Besluit Uniforme Saneringen)

Fiduciary Commissioning

For the purpose of improving the return of an investment or a development, whereby Winnen & Co also takes a risk in the project, we have set up the service 'fiduciary assignment'. This service is for parties who would like to be involved as little as possible in improving returns. Lack of time or wanting to stay outside of Tax Box 1 can be a motivation for this.

In this case, Winnen & Co develops the property and coordinates progress with the client at regular intervals. All choices that lead to expenditure are only made after consultation with the client.

Transformation of office buildings

Would you like to know what is possible with your object? A quick scan or feasibility study can be carried out for this purpose.

Winnen & Co is an advocate of risk management and creating dynamics in a building or area and we therefore strive to implement multiple destinations and / or multiple target groups. Functional mixing also ensures that your property is more crisis-resistant.

Want to know more? Call Winnen & Co for more information on 020 30 52 810.

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